Warehouse Rent in Kanpur

Warehouse Rent in Kanpur

S.No.Warehouse Area  Warehouse LocationRate Per Sq.fit
131,000 Sq.fitDada nagar16 Rupees
236,000 Sq.fit Panki Industrial Area 17 Rupees
374,000 sq.fitBhimsen15 Rupees
444,000 Sq.fitRania Kanpur16 Rupees
553,000 Sq.fitBhuti Kanpur16 Rupees
637,000 Sq.fitSachendi16 Rupees

In this area land owner who builds the warehouse earn very good rental income the ROI of investment around 24% per years. The best use for agriculture land to build the warehouse.

Kanpur is main economy city for Uttar Pradesh there are many manufacturing and trading company working and in this cities lot of scope for Build suite warehouse.

The main area of warehousing is Knapur Delhi highway near Sachendi, Raniya, and New Transport nagar behind Chakarpur fal mandi in this area MNC have many warehouse like Colgate, Hindustan Unilever, havels and many more.

Kanpur Lucknow highway the most demanding area for Warehouse Rent in Kanpur many land owner and investor purchase land on this highway because mostly big company supply the goods to Kanpur and Lucknow and they searching the warehouse on midpoint Lucknow and Kanpur highway so they supply our stock in both cities.

You want build warehouse ask me how ?

If you want to build warehouse or you want lease your ready to move warehouse you contact with us we help to build your warehouse and also help to rent out your ready to move warehouse.

If any land owner want build warehouse call us we have very good team in UPE we help for build warehouse and also help for how to rent out warehouse we have number of client who want Warehouse Rent in Kanpur.

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