Warehouse Rent in Gorakhpur

Warehouse Rent in Gorakhpur

Warehouse Rent in Gorakhpur

S.No.Warehouse Area  Warehouse Location Rate Per Sq.fit
115,000 Sq.fit Nausarh13 Rupees
218,000 Sq.fitKushmi Road13 Rupees
315,000 sq.fitNh 2814 Rupees
416000 Sq.fitGIDA13 Rupees
515000 Sq.fit Deoria Road 15  Rupees
618,000 Sq.fitMedical callage road 11 Rupees

Now the Gorakhpur is very potential area for Warehouse Rent in Gorakhpur the ecommerce company focus C class city for warehouse because ecommerce add more customer in C class city. The main focus area is Gorakhpur Lucknow highway, GIDA, Nausarh Chowk to GIDA the main BTS warehouse for rent. Some commodities company have own the warehouse in Chauri Chaura road Gorakhpur.

The land cost is very high in Gorakhpur the many land owners not interested to build the warehouse they want for pre agreement so the land owner will secure for rental income.    

List of company want to build suit warehouse

The number of company want warehouse for rent in Gorakhpur company like Adanai, Walmart India, Amezon Filpkart Parle Jee  MRF Tyres India Birla Tyres, ACC cement , and many more logistic company asking for BTS warehouse in Gorakhpur and we help to build warehouse for rent in Gorakhpur

BTS warehouse rental income and construction cost in Gorakhpur

After GST the rental income of warehousing segment is up to 30 to 40 % because the demand is high and supply is very slow because there is no professional fabricator to build warehouse in 2 to 3 month some local fabricator available in Gorakhpur.

The BTS warehouse construction cost is 1000 to 1100 per square feet as per warehousing norms include the civil work also.pre the engineering building (PEB) minimum height is 30 feet center but many logistic company want 45 feet center height because they install racking system in warehouse.

The per square feet rental for BTS warehouse is 15 to 18 rupees per square feet depending on location and connectivity.

How to we help for BTS warehouse for Gorakhpur?

In last 9 years we are working on warehouse rental business we have number of client who want BTS warehouse in UPE our major focus cities is Varanasi, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Faizadbad Lucknow.

So if any land owner wants to build the warehouse for rental income we ready help for pre agreement and construction.

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