Warehouse for rent in Sitapur road Lucknow

Warehouse for rent in Sitapur road Lucknow

Warehouse/Godown for Rent in Lucknow Lucknow

S.NoWarehouse AreaLocationRent per Sq.fit
130,000 Sq.fitSitapur Road15 Rs.per sq.fit
236,000 Sq.fitBijnor Road17 Rs.per sq.fit
339,000 Sq.fitNadrganj18 Rs.per sq.fit
436,000 Sq.fitKanpur Road14 Rs.per sq.fit
555,000 Sq.fitFaizadbad Road15 Rs.per sq.fit
628,000 Sq.fitTransport Nagar18 Rs.per sq.fit

Warehouse for rent in Sitapur road Lucknow at Sitapur road the area is Plot 25,0000 square feet owner will ready to construe as per company requirement and company specification.As per commitment of land owner the warehouse construction will be done on 6 month the date authorized latter issue by the company. As per owner demand the per square feet rate warehouse covered area rate is 16 rupees per square feet the rent is negotiable

Build Suit Warehouse for rent in Sitapur road Lucknow

In Sitapur road Lucknow develop slowly as compare to Kanpur road in Bhitauli crossing to Itaunja there are some new Warehouse for rent in Sitapur road Lucknow the major company warehouse in Sitapur road like Bigbasket, Videcon, Pepsi ,Uddan logistic .

Build Suit Warehouse for rent in Sitapur road Lucknow

Deplores is also interested to develop warehouse in Siatpur road so may company like to Sitapur road and also many company also interested big shed in this area .after GST the stage business will very fast .ecommerce company taken major warehouse space in UP East.

BTS warehouse scope in Sitapur road Lucknow  .

In present scenario Sitapur road like good for warehousing segment. in 2019 only one warehouse develop in this area mostly company preferred Kanpur road because the transport and man power is easily available in this area.

Why warehouse owner trust with us.

In last 9 years we are working in with may warehouse owner and developer and we have deliver a quality services our warehouse owner we focus on log term lease and good monthly rental BTS warehouse segment we have charge 3 month rental as brokerage and ready to movie warehouse one month rental as brokerage .

Why company favorite warehousing zone Lucknow.

After GST storage business India growing 44% per years Up is very good market for ecommerce companies the total population is 235000000 and ecommerce company know the market size of UP. Amazon have take 4 lac squire feet warehouse in Kanpur road filpkart also taken 2.5 lac squire feet warehouse. No warehouse vacant in Kanpur road now some new warehouse construed but no ready for the passion.

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